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Born in the streets of “Burncity” (Melbourne, Australia), TRIPNLGY represents a unique urban lifestyle brand that wholeheartedly supports the unity and diversity of artists and dancers around the world. TRIPNLGY is built upon the philosophy of “Tripudio ergo ego sum” - “I dance therefore I exist”. We live, breathe, and exist because of what “dance” and “art” gives us physically, mentally, and spiritually - reflecting this ideology in our designs. Our mission is to continually support the dance community wherever possible, and in alignment with these beliefs, TRIPNLGY has been a proud sponsor and supporter of several local and prestigious All Style, and Krump dance events such as:

Pass the Buck


Clash of the States 

Battle Royale

Toast or Be Toasted

TRIPNLGY is constantly on the look out for dance, community, and urban culture events that align with our brand for collaboration or sponsorship. Please contact us if you think we’d be a match!